Finding You Dance Path

Discovering your path in dance is a deeply personal journey, unique to each dancer. We are here to provide families with the necessary support and guidance throughout this process. Our goal is to help students blossom not only as dancers but as individuals, celebrating the distinct path of each dancer.  Dancers generally follow one of two paths in their journey through our studio, so we provide this information as a guideline for families.  Please know that we are here to support your family and dancer find the right classes for their year,  and feel welcome to reach out to us.


Educational Track

Our educational track honors dancers who enjoy having fun and expanding their physicality, without the pressure of continuing professionally or training in a competitive environment. Our goal is to inspire a love for the art, self-expression, and a fun with friends.  These dancers will receive a high level of training, with opportunities to participate in “Nutcracker” and “Company” but this is optional and we support whatever level of participation feels good for each dancer.

Fast Track

The mission of our Fast Track is to nurture well-rounded dancers skilled in diverse styles, guiding them towards success in the professional or collegiate dance world. We offer a supportive environment with advanced training, encouraging dancers to reach their full potential guided by their passion for the art form. Tailored for ages 9 and above, Fast Track provides intensive instruction in Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary, and Hip-Hop, alongside the opportunity to learn from experienced professionals in master classes. Choosing to audition for “Company” or “The Nutcracker” is highly encouraged and involves weekend rehearsals.


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Dancers Age 3-8


Dancers Age 9+


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