About Us

Our Philosophy

We invite you to come visit our studio and see for yourself how important the “heart” of a studio is to the experience dancers and their families will have. We believe that if you are selective, you will select Parker Dance Academy.

How we feel about dance: We love and respect dance as an intimate art form, as a way to express who you are and what you are about, as a way to move and stay healthy, as a way to share yourself with others through performing, and as a way to build relationships with friends, family and community.

What to expect from us: A positive, nurturing and supportive environment for our students to grow and develop as dancers. Every student is connected and welcomed as part of our “dance family”. We nurture a non-competitive, caring and generous environment for both students and their families.

Why our experience matters: Experience allows us the perspective and wisdom to thoughtfully guide our dancers through the process of finding their personal potential as a dancer. That vision is the driving force within our studio and the core values that our staff continues to meet.


A Well Rounded Dance Education


With generations of children having come through our studio we have worked hard to identify what type of dance education provides growth, success, and the balance that supports our children.  Over many years, and with the assistance of exceptional staff and educators we have developed an arch to our dance season that we have seen does just that!  


Life Education

We are proud of our alumni going on to careers in dance to such heights as:

– Choreographer Broadway’s “Six”
– Agents signed in NYC and LA
– The Deutsche Oper Ballet in Berlin
– Broncos and Nuggets Cheerleaders
– Scholarships College
– Taipai Dance Company
– Dance Captain at Lido in Paris
– Hamilton’s on Broadway and World Tour
-Ririe Woodbury Dance Company

And we are equally proud of our alumni who went on to careers as:

-Senior Developing Programers
-Community Leaders
-Aerospace Technicians
and so much more !


We invite you to experience how a  dance education provides more than a dance education!