Health & Safety Procedures


Due to the new Colorado Mask Mandate, anyone age 11 or older is required to wear masks at all times while in the studio (this includes while dancing). Students 10 or younger are not required to wear masks but we still recommend and encourage it for all families who would like it. All fall classes will be held in person but classes will also be available on ZOOM for unlimited access if you so choose (if you would like to join our Fall classes on zoom please email

Cleaning Procedures

-Classes will end 5mins early for cleaning of chairs, barres, and floors using our special germicide formula.

-Front desk person will periodically go around and clean and wipe down surfaces and be there for little ones for bathroom help.


-Classes in YELLOW studio will enter/exit through the North side door.

-Classes in GREEN studio will enter/exit through the double doors in the patio the walk right into their dance space.

-Classes in BLUE studio will enter/exit through the South, teacher office door.

-PINK Studio classes will enter/exit through main front door.

-Teachers will greet their students at the door and take their temperature and give them hand sanitizer as they enter, students with a fever higher than 100.4 or higher will be asked to leave.

-Students may arrive 5 minutes prior to the start of class. Please remain in your car until that time, students will be dropped off at the front of the studio and will be greeted by their teacher at the door.

-Parents of younger students will be allowed to walk their dancers into the lobby and see the space, for the first few weeks, but then must wait outside. (Masks for parents are required).

-Students will receive hand sanitizer upon arrival.

-Students must be ready prior to entering the studio (having own water bottle, extra hair ties, already in dance clothes)

-Parent viewing area/lobby will be closed off.


-Teachers will be required to wear masks while inside the studio and then have the option to switch to shields while teaching.

-Students will be required to wear masks while in the studio – for ages 10 or under it is only recommended but not required

-Chairs will be placed around the studio for students to put their stuff, to wait in before they are called to the center, and sit to go across the floor.

-Stickers will be placed on the studios floors for students to stand and social distance.

-When students walk in they will place their dance bag, shoes, and water under a chair that is assigned to them in the dance room. They will also wait at that chair while others arrive. These chairs will be a home base for students to change shoes, to wait for their turn to go across the floor, etc.

-Bathroom: Students will be assigned a bathroom depending on the studio they are in.

-No cell phones will be allowed to be accessed during class times. If a parent chooses to send a student to class with a cell phone in their bag, it must be in a sealed zip loc. to help prevent use/spreading of germs.


-Parent viewing area/lobby will be closed off.

-At the end of each class dancers will be given hand sanitizer as they leave, and sent outside to be picked up. Parents should stay in their cars or wait in front porch area.