Before deciding to audition please read the following:

This is a short version of what will be in our digital information packet

    • All dancers must be currently taking ballet and all must be in Kd or older. Grades 5th and older must have taken ballet last year.
    • We have 10 weekends to rehearse and we rehearse Sat/Sun afternoons.  
    • Weekend #1 is Sept 23rd/24th. We will not rehearse the weekend of second weekend of Fall Break (we do have rehearsals Oct 14/15 but NOT Oct 21/22) or Thanksgiving Weekend (Nov 25/26).
    • All dancers will get at least two parts in the show. The older and more advanced the dancer, the more likely she will be coming multiple times over the weekend. The younger the dancer, the more we try to keep them to just one afternoon per weekend.
    • There are 4 performances. Students must be in attendance at all shows to participate.
        • Performances are December 15th (7pm), 16th (2pm & 7pm) and 17th (2pm).
        • Dress rehearsal at the theater is December 14th.  Dress rehearsal at the studio is December 9th.
        • Professional Pictures are December 10th.
    • The performance will take place at Ponderosa High School.
    • Auditioning does not mean you are required to participate: If you are not sure participating is right for you, our suggestion is to come to the auditions. After auditions are over and cast, you will get to see the general rehearsal schedule and all the details, then you can decide if you would like to participate.
    • The Performance Fee is $350 (can be split in two payments). This covers: all 10 studio rehearsals, the dress rehearsal at the theater, a free T shirt, the digital videos of all 4 shows, on stage pictures for all 4 shows, and all costume fittings and costumes.
      Not included in that cost are tickets, professional pictures, additional dvd’s, dancewear, shoes and tights are extra. 

Audition Forms

Online audition forms must be submitted prior to the auditions:

Audition Protocols:
  • If you plan to audition, do not forget to fill out your online audition form BEFORE auditions start
  • Please arrive 15-30mins before your scheduled audition time to check in. All check ins will happen outside in the green studio doors.
  • During check in you will receive your number, drop off your headshot (see details below), and pay your $10 cash audition fee (please bring exact change if possible to help speed up our check in process!).
  • Only dancers will be allowed in the studio for the actual auditions.
  • All students should come with dance shoes in hand, you will be asked to put your ballet shoes on before you enter the audition. Dancers will leave their dance bags in the green studio and can only bring water bottles (and pointe shoe bags if applicable) into the yellow studio with them.
  • Audition Attire:
    • Students should wear their weekly practice ballet attire and hair in a neat clean bun (choice of French twist for pointe level dancers is also welcome).
    • For our older students auditioning please remember that a clean face and a little make up can go a long way!
  • Please bring a 4×6 headshot of the student to the audition. Photo needs to have the student’s full name written on it. Photo should feature only the student (no pets, family, friends, etc) and be from the waist up (no dance photos please). The photo does not need to be a professional headshot, school pictures are a great option. It can be printed on regular printer paper. It must be 4×6 size. Photos will not be returned. Click here to see an example.



Registration 15-30 min. before audition time, $10 cash fee. Online audition forms must be submitted prior to the auditions. Students will check in, drop off headshot, and receive an audition number.

The digital information packet will be released with audition results

10:00am-12:00pm: All Pointe level dancers

Registration begins at 9:30am. A barre warm up on flat will be included in this audition. Students should plan to arrive by 9:45am at the latest to begin warming themselves up in the Green Studio prior to the start of auditions.

For pointe dances and soloist roles. Snow Queen, Dew Drop, Dolls, Maids, Mouse Queen, Pointe Soldier Soloists, Snow, Snow Soloists, Pointe Angels, Chocolate (Spanish), Marzipan, Candy Canes (Russian), Cobras (Arabian), Hummingbirds (Chinese), Pointe Bakers, and Flowers. 

12:00-12:45pm: Sugar Plum Fairy

Sugar Plum is open to Juniors or Seniors who have done at least one Nutcracker with us (if you are younger and want to audition, please see Ms. Lexie) and you must know the variation at the audition and be prepared to perform it for us. Dancers auditioning for Sugar Plum must attend the 10-12pm audition as well.

Sugar Plum auditions will happen alphabetically and potentially in pairs. This audition may be filmed.

1:30-2:30pm: Kd-4th grade.

Registration begins at 1:00pm. Please arrive no later than 1:15pm.

Little/Big/Mama Mice, Gingerbreads, Chefs, Bakers, Baby Divertissements, Little Angels, Crystals, Icicles, Hummingbirds (Chinese), Baskets/Scarves (Arabian), and Flower Buds.

2:30-3:30pm: 5th grade and older (including all dancers not on pointe yet)

Registration begins at 2:00pm. There will be no formal warm up during this audition time, and we will be looking at flexibility, so please arrive at the studio no later than 2:15pm to prepare and warm up in the Green Studio.

Party girls/boys, Soldiers, Clara’s Friends, Chocolate (Spanish), Marzipan, Candy Canes (Russian), Hummingbirds (Chinese), Cobra Demis/Scarves (Arabian), Flower Garlands, Flower Buds, and Icicles.

3:45-4:15pm: Fritz

Registration begins at 3:30pm.

Our Fritz audition is open to all boys AND girls, ages 9-10yrs old. Must be current students at the studio taking ballet. After auditions, you will be notified if you should stay for callbacks with Clara.

Callbacks with Clara will be from 4:15-4:45pm. Students auditioning for Fritz must attend an above audition, will keep their same number as before, and do not need to re-register or re-pay.

4:15-6pm: Clara

Must be 6th grade or older and must also be trying out for other parts and must have done AT LEAST one Nutcracker with us. Please learn the little solo Clara does with her Nutcracker doll during the party scene (the pas de polka). If you are on pointe, please wear your pointe shoes.

Hair: We would like to see you with your hair down in a half pony if possible but not required. 

Students auditioning for Clara will keep their same number as the earlier audition and do not need to re-register or re-pay. During the break between auditions students are welcome to stay and utilize the pink studio to have a snack, change their hair, and practice before the audition starts.