• A Note From the Directors
  • Nutcracker Ballet Parts
  • Film Schedule
  • The Red Carpet Premiere Parties
  • NUTCRACKER ACCEPTANCE FORM – click link to access form
  • Audition results will be posted online by number and we will inform you by email once it is posted!
  • Our digital acceptance forms are due back within 3 days of Audition Results.  
  • Rehearsals begin the first weekend in October!
  • Film dates start in November (see all dates in packet).
  • The Red Carpet Premiere days of the Film will be the weekend of Dec 18th-20th.

A Note From the Directors

As we explained at the audition, Nutcracker roles are given based on age, size, and skill level. Students were reminded that they might be in a particular dance for several years, but that the dance may be choreographed or costumed differently, or they will dance different parts of the same dance.  If they aspire to certain roles and did not make it this year, we encourage them to keep working hard at their technique, and to try again next year! Coveted roles are earned based on the technical and performance quality of the dancer and never given because it’s “your turn”.  Another factor is costume sizes.  Our costumes are already purchased and we need to match dancers to the costumes we have. 

Audition Results will be posted online by your audition number. If you plan to participate, please fill out the online acceptance form completely (including any PLANNED absences due to vacations or other activities) and indicate how you want to pay. When we have your online acceptance form we know you have formally agreed to participate. Students are allowed to miss 2 rehearsals at the most, however we are discouraging students from missing more than one rehearsal this year as our film schedule will escalate our rehearsal timeline.  More absences than 2 absences can result in losing the part. Acceptance forms must be submitted within 3 days of posting the results.                                                                                             

  • We have only 6-10 weekends to get performance ready (based on your film time)!  We will try to set the schedule as much in advance as we can. The rehearsal times for your student’s dances depend on what size room it needs, who can rehearse opposite them in another room, how many “layers” there are in the dance, and the age/experience of the dancers. We have approximately 40 dances to teach in 10 weeks with 5 teachers, 4 studios and dozens of kids!
  • Rehearsals are scheduled for Saturdays 9:00am-6:00pm and Sundays 12:30-5:30pm.  This is our block for rehearsal times, you will not be scheduled for the entire time. We try our best to schedule the youngest dancers for only one day for a few hours. 
  • Always send water and a non-messy snack with your dancer! For very young dancers we will often schedule in a snack break if it’s a long rehearsal.  Also, make sure names are in all ballet shoes, since they are often left behind.
  • Fall Break: We have rehearsals as usual. We will not have rehearsals on Thanksgiving weekend. 
  • The participation fee of $300 includes all in studio rehearsals, all dress rehearsals, all film days, a free T shirt, all costume fittings and costumes rentals, and one dvd or digital download of the Nutcracker movie. 
  • Additional costs to consider: tickets for our Red Carpet Premiere parties, additional dvds or digital downloads, hair and make up supplies, shoes and tights are extra. Professional portrait photography will be arranged to take place in December.

We are excited to get started and look forward to working with you and your wonderful young dancer.  All questions can be directed to

Thank you!

Lexie Steinhauser, Studio Director

Kim Kinnear, Owner

Nutcracker Parts

This sheet breaks down the Nutcracker Ballet by acts, scenes, and dances.  This is extremely helpful for those who are new to Nutcracker. 

Early rehearsals are when the many “layers” of dances are rehearsed independently, then gradually we start to combine the dances to create the “scene” or “Act”.  


Party Parents, Kids, (but not Clara’s “family”), Drosselmeyer

Party Scene

Party Girls, Boys, Clara’s friends, Clara, Fritz, Head Maid, Maids, Dolls, Little Clara, Little Soldier, Little Mouse, Drosselmeyer, Party Parents

Battle Scene

Nutcracker, Clara, Drosselmeyer, Mouse Queen, Little Mice, Big Mice, Mama Mice, Soldiers

Snowy Forest Scene

Clara, Nutcracker, Crystals, Icicles, Flurries, Snow Attendants, Snow Queen, Snow Soloists, Snow Corps



Sugar Plum Fairy, Clara, Nutcracker, Angel Soloist, Little Angels, Big Angels, Pointe Angels, Hoop Angels


Sugar Plum Fairy, Clara, Nutcracker, Spanish Soloist, Arabian Soloist, Chinese Soloist, Russian Soloist, Marzipan Soloist, Dew Drop Fairy, Selected Flower Corps


Spanish corps, soloist


Marzipan corps, demi soloists and soloist


Pointe corps, demi soloists, soloist


Arabian basket girls, Scarf girls, corps, attendants, demi soloists, soloist


Chinese fan girls, Umbrella girls, soloist

Mother Ginger

Pointe Mother Ginger, Pointe Bakers, Gingerbreads, Baby Divertissements (Baby D’s)

Waltz of the Flowers

Dew Drop Fairy, Flower corps, Pointe Garlands

Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy

Sugar Plum Fairy


Act II soloists, demi soloists, and select dancers

Film Schedule

Dancers MUST BE PRESENT at the below dates for the scenes they are cast if they plan to participate in our filmed Nutcracker Experience. Photo days will be scheduled in December.

Locations and times will be released closer to film dates.

  • Dress Rehearsal at PDA: Saturday, December 12th
  • Film Day: Sunday, December 13th
  • Dress Rehearsal at PDA: Saturday, December 12th
  • Film Day: Sunday, December 13th
  • Dress Rehearsal at PDA: Saturday, November 14th
  • Film Day: Sunday, November 15th

Angels, Prologue, Spanish, Marzipan, Russian, Arabian, Chinese, Mother Ginger, Flowers, Sugar Plum, Finale

  • Dress Rehearsal at PDA: Saturday, November 21st
  • Film Day: Sunday, November 22nd

Red Carpet Premiere Parties

Come join us for an evening of fun and glamour on the Red Carpet to celebrate the stars of our Nutcracker movie, your children!
  • These premieres will be your family’s first opportunity to see our Nutcracker movie in full and on “the big screen”
  • There will be live performances of selected soloists
  • The Red Carpet Premiere days of the Film will be the weekend of Dec 18th-20th
  • Tickets for our Red Carpet Premiere are sold separately
  • Information on location and time will be released at a later date