$10 cash fee to audition
Ages: 5th grade-12th grade ONLY
We choose our character’s based on age and acting abilities, not just dance abilities, which means all levels are welcome to come and audition if they fit the age requirements (please see below with audition requirements). All students planning on auditioning must be students of Parker Dance Academy. Character rehearsals will take place during the weekends of May and beginning of June with possible extra rehearsals during the day (after the kids have finished school). They might also be asked to attend certain classes if they have been placed in dances as their characters.  Please remember that even though we double and triple cast parts, there are not enough leads for all who audition, but we want to make sure everyone who is interested in joining DOES get the opportunity to participate so, everyone who auditions will get an extra special part.

Sunday, February 12th

1-2pm: All students auditioning, grades 5th-12th
2:00-3:30pm: Main Character auditions & Callbacks (age requirements below)
        • Pascal the Chameleon: 5th grade and older only
        • Maximus the Horse, Stabbingtonn Brothers: 7th grade and older only
        • Rapunzel, Flynn Rider, Mother Gothel: 9th grade and older only

Audition Requirements:

Please come prepared to show us your acting skills with some acting exercises, and be prepared  to lip-sync the songs listed below.


    • “When Will My Life Begin?” (from the movie Tangled)
    • “Mother Knows Best (Reprise)” (from the movie Tangled)
    • “I See the Light” (from the movie Tangled)
    • “Count on Me” (song by Bruno Mars)
Mother Gothel
    • “Mother Knows Best” (from the movie Tangled)
    • “Mother Knows Best Reprise” (from the movie Tangled)
Maximus the Horse
    • “If I Didn’t Have You” (from the movie Monsters, Inc.)
Pascal the Chameleon
    • “Count on Me” (song by Bruno Mars)
Stabbingtonn Brothers
    • No song required at this time

*The roles of Flynn Rider and the King and Queen will not be auditioned at this time



All 5th+ students auditioning are eligible for the below characters and should prepare to lip-sync “I’ve Got a Dream” (from the movie Tangled) 


Eligible Characters:
  • Cavalry Horses
  • Villagers
  • Thugs
  • Royal Court
  • Memory Dancers